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PATH Adventures came into existence before 5 years with a vision to provide the youth and the millennials with an exceptional travelling experience that they seek throughout their life.

We have a team of motivated travel enthusiasts that help you create a journey of your lifetime with whatever the purpose you’re travelling with! Skilled team, certified tour directors, experienced mountaineers and quality itineraries are the things that we are renowned for.

We seek perfection in whatever we offer to our customers and that is why, we are able to cater to 35+ reputed schools across India. We’re glad to mention that we’ve planned and successfully executed trips for more than 10,000 students in our 5 years of journey with incredible satisfaction ratio.

We strongly live by the philosophy that practical knowledge is the key to evolvement! We organize varied trips that include activities which help students grow holistically. We give them proper environment and tools that inculcate the inner observer in them.

And not just the school, we cater to corporates and families as well! Anyone with an urge to experiments great adventure and travel milestones are welcome here!

PATH Adventures specializes in organizing trips for children and adults that are mentioned below,

  1. Educational Tours
  2. Nature Study Camps
  3. Adventure Camping
  4. Trekking
  5. Expeditions
  6. Cycling
  7. Specialized Corporate Tours
Educational Toors :

The major highlight of our educational tours is the holistic development of the child! Following are few of the areas that we cover in our such trips :

  • Cultural Programs
  • Historical Knowledge Sharing
  • Industrial Visits and Practical Guidance
  • Geographic Studies
  • Botanical Studies

PATH Adventures works on the intellectual abilities of the students with informal educational methods. Let your child experience the thrill with disciplined, responsible travels!

Nature Study Camps :

PATH Adventures has the committed and skilled professionals providing natural, scientific, historical, geographic, botanical and wildlife education at varied location across Indian terrains.

We at PATH Adventures carry out specialized Nature Study Camps according to students’ syllabus, the areas of study and particular school requisites. We provide the children with knowledge-rich tour guides that help them understand the concept better and brings out the best in them.

Adventure Camping :

For the adventure camping sites, we cater to an amalgamation of two things. One is living among the nature into tents, and the other is to enjoy Adventure activities that build up team spirit and facilitate physical health.

The activities that are carried out during the Adventure Camps are as follows :

  • Rappelling
  • Trekking
  • Parasailing
  • Bouldering
  • Zipline
  • Rock climbing
  • Tyrolean traverse
  • Camping (pitching tents and staying for a night in the wilderness)

Trekking :

PATH Adventures endeavours trekking and mountaineering treks that are of easy to moderate level. With experienced and skilled Travel Directors guiding the students throughout the journeys, help them explore the unexplored routes.

Keeping in mind all the required safety parameters, we aspire best-in-class trekking affairs. We take a keen interest in crafting all the trips. Keeping in mind the students’ age, capacity, educational values and more specifically, the school’s or the group’s requirements.

Expeditions :

PATH Adventures’ skilled tour managers will accompany you and motivate you throughout the journey when you opt for the tough paths.

Our certified and qualified expedition teams does the background check thoroughly to provide you with the best possible routes, weather, shelter and food for your expeditions. They make you learn how you survive when the situations worsens and how you conquer the uncertainties.

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