Best Trekking Trips for Students Should Enjoy in College or School Time

While you study in your college and make your way to a brighter future, it is also important to take out some time and enjoy the fun life of a student. It is important to make your college life fun and appreciating to have fine memories to cherish later in life. While bunking a few periods through the academic year is a fun game, college students often plan trips to hill stations and enjoy some nature time. The time spent in the hills is more appreciable as it offers you a chance to enjoy some rich treks of India that are perfect for students and make an incredible trip affordable. If you are a group of students looking forward to some fun time in the lap of nature, here are the best trekking trip for students in India:

Best Trekking Trips for Students in India

1- Valley of Flowers in Badrinath

Located close to the holy shrine of Badrinath, the Valley of Flowers is an ultimate trek for a week getaway. Uttarakhand is a state of natural splendor and the Valley of Flowers is considered as a major contributor. You can enjoy the boisterous ride to the temple and then trek through the uneven terrain which will take you anywhere around 8 days. Be prepared to face some solid challenges as thee trek is known to offer some adversities. You can also enjoy visiting Vasundhara Falls and Hemkunt Saheb on your way back.

2- Hampta Pass Trek:

The Western Himalayas offer you similar opportunities and here is one amazing trek for you to explore as a group of students. Hampta Pass in Manali is 5-day long trekking tour that leaves you in the lap of nature. It is a famous trek in Himachal Pradesh that is known for its moderately difficult terrain. If you are fond of nature and love spotting birds, this trek will give you endless opportunities to pursue your hobbies.

3- Goechala Trek Sikkim

Goechala Trek Sikkim is one of the most admired treks for students. It offers you a chance to indulge in adventurous trekking adventure and enjoy the diversity of nature. Located at the foothills of Kanchenjunga, the tour is a long one and lasts up to 11-12 days. The river openings, gorges, and snow-covered mountains make this trek one of the best trek for students in India. You can access the treks from Jalpaiguri and enjoy your ride to the top.

4- Pindari Glacier Trek in Uttarakhand:

The site of a river originating from a glacier is a sight to behold. Pindari glacier trek offers you a chance to witness this awe-inspiring site. Considered as one of the easy treks in India, Pindari Glacier Trek is also considered as an affordable one. You can enjoy tracking the flow of the river as you climb upwards. The nights are cold and lighting a bonfire and spending a night in the tent will give you real adventure goals.

5- Sandhan Valley Trek in Maharashtra

A relatively smaller trek, the Sandhan Valley Trek is located on the Sahyadri Mountains in Maharashtra.  You can enjoy the terrain and various difficulties that it poses on your way up. However, various activities that are included in the package such as repelling down the valley walls and camping on the sites, will make it one of the best trekking experience in India.

6- Triund Trek:

Triund Trek is probably the most famous trek for Indian students. It is also comparatively easy treks in India which falls in the Dhauladhar range at Macleodganj. The base camp is located in Macleodganj while you also enjoy camping at top of the mountain. It is a 3 days long trek and is a trek for the beginners. In case you are a pro trekker, you can try the connected Indradhar Pass trek and enhance your experience.

7- Deoriatal Trek in Uttarakhand:

Another trekker’s paradise from Uttarakhand, the Deoriatal Trek is revered among the student’s fraternity in India. The trek leads you to the banks of Deoriatal Lake wherein you can enjoy a scenic view of mountain ranges like Bandar Punch, Neelkanth and Chaukhamba.

8- Indrahar Pass Trek:

One of the most challenging treks in India, Indrahar Trek is often considered as an extension to the Triund Trek. You can enjoy a hike to the lake glacier which sure is some exercise for your muscles. You can enjoy staying overnight over the huge expanse of snow-laden mountains and then enjoy the mesmerizing views of the Pir Panjal.

9- Beas Kund Trek:

Another trek from the Dhauladhar Range in Himachal Pradesh, the Beas Kund Trek is definitely a must-to-visit trek in India. As you climb up the hilly terrain, you can enjoy scenic landscapes all around and enjoy spotting sites like Hanuman Tibba, Ladhakhi and others, till you reach the banks of Beas River.

So, now that you know some mighty fine trekking destinations in India for students, pack your backs, fill the leave application form and head out for an adventurous trekking expedition.

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