Tourist Places in Delhi

Whether you are planning for your own visit or there is some one coming over, there are a lot of places in Delhi that are of great importance. The national capital of ancient and modern India, Delhi is a busy city but on the contrary, the beautiful places here are so soothing and calming. You can visit many tourist places in Delhi to get a diverse experience like no other place in India.

The problem with Delhi is that there are so many tourist places here that people often get confused where to start from. If you too are dealing with the dilemma of what to include and what not in your list of places to visit in Delhi, this article would serve as a perfect guide for your next Delhi trip.

Covering the most famous attractions in Delhi, the places listed below will make your Delhi tour complete without missing on its charm and beauty. So let’s begin:

Red Fort:

Off course, Red Fort sits at the top of our list because it is a monument of not only great historical importance but a very important place in Delhi of national importance. It is the very place where the Prime Minister hoists the flag on Independence Day. Made with red sand stone, the name Red Fort is because of it, the monument displays the intricacy of Mughal architecture. It was built by Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 2007.

India Gate:

Sending an evening at the India Gate can’t be missed. It not only defines Delhi but is a symbol of united India. A memorial for martyrs of World War I and Afghanistan war, the monument was built in 1931. If you happen to be in Delhi on the Republic Day, this is the most prime attraction to visit as there is special republic day parade organized here on that day. On other days, the India gate is a sight to behold in the evening lights.

Qutub Minar:

Built by Qutub-ud-din Aibak, Qutub Minar is a marvel of architecture and design. It is a 73-meter tall brick minaret which has as many as five stories carved on its bricks. It was also declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Boasting of Iranian architecture, this minaret attracts millions of visitors every year. You can also find glimpses of Parso-Arabic and Nagari styles in its architecture.

Humayun’s Tomb

Built in 1570, Humayun’s Tomb is said to be the inspirational monument for the Taj Mahal itself. Made of white marbles and red sand stone, the Humayun’s Tomb is a marvel of Mughal Architecture. It is basically the graveyard of Mughal Emperor, Humayun, Bega Begum, Dara Shikoh, Hamida Begum and many other prominent members of the Mughal family.

Akshardham Temple

A modern addition to the list of monuments and buildings in New Delhi, Akshardham Temple is an iconic building that boasts of architectural skills and execution. Also one of the largest Hindu temples in the World, Swaminarayan Akshardham was built by BAPS spiritual organization, on the banks of river Yamuna. Abhishekh Mandap, Sanskruti Darshan, Sahajanand Darshan, and Neelkanth Darshan are some of the exhibits inside the temple that can be accessed through a boat ride. Every evening, there is a musical water show organized in the temple campus which should not be missed.

Chattarpur Temple:

Located at one of the prime locations in South Delhi, Chattarpur temple offers you a combination of North Indian and South Indian styles. It was built by Sant Shree Nagpal Baba in the 1970s. The shrine has beautiful idols of Shiv-Parvati, Ram-Darbar, Maa Katyayani, Radha-Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi, and Lord Hanuman.

Lotus Temple:

One of the most prominent places to visit in Delhi, Lotus temple is of Bahai origin. The four petals of the lotus represent the Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Islam religions. It is believed that this is the very place where all four religions unite to make one. There are nine doors in this temple. On an average 2500 visitors come to this temple daily.

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara:

One of the best places to visit in Delhi, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara was once a small Sikh temple. It was built by General, Sardar Bhagel Singh in 1783 and with time gained major significance. It not only homes a great Sarovar inside its campus but also is home to a higher secondary school, Baba Baghel Singh Museum, a library, and a hospital.

Agasen Ki Bauli:

A famous spot filmed in many Bollywood movies, Agrasen Ki Bauli is also known with the name Ugrasen Ki Baoli. It is known to be a haunted place in the night, but during the day, you can find many visitors getting amazing pictures clicked here. It is close to Connaught place and also has an interesting 60-meter long and 15-meter step way to the famous market.

Shankar’s International Dolls Museum

Whether you are visiting with family or solo, the Shankar’s International Dolls Museum is a must to visit place in Delhi. A vision of famous cartoonist, K Shankar Pillai, the Shankar’s International Dolls Museum has hundreds of costume dolls collected from across the globe including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many Asian countries. There are a total of 8500 dolls in the museum presently.

Chandni Chowk

When in Delhi, do not miss to visit the Chandni Chowk. Heart of the Old Delhi and lifeline of many, Chandni Chowk is an incredible market to shop, eat and stroll around. From cheapest to the most expensive and exclusive items, you can find anything and everything at Chandni Chowk. There are several food places in Chandni Chowk that are more than 100 years old. They serve mouthwatering food to the food lovers.

These are some of the best tourist places in Delhi that you must not miss to visit. All these places are very lively and have their own importance to Delhi and people of Delhi. All you need to do is take out some time from your schedule and plan a day to visit Delhi. Eat here, explore the many places and make the finest of the memories.

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